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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry live ladybugs?

We no longer carry live lady bugs due to environmental concerns around taking them from the wild and releasing them into new habitats. They are most often harvested from other regions and may carry pathogens that could harm our native populations. There is also evidence that releasing lady bugs isn’t an effective pest control solution. Here’s a blog post for some more details.

We do carry a lot of plants that can attract beneficial insects to your garden!

When do vegetable starts arrive?

We will start getting early season vegetable starts, such as lettuce, greens, broccoli, cauliflower, sometime in February. It depends on weather and when our growers have plants available. Tomatoes, cucumbers and other warm season vegetables will start showing up April and May. We have a full selection of seeds and all the supplies you need to plant your own right now!

When will you get chicks?

We expect to get our first delivery of chicks on February 10, with subsequent deliveries every two weeks through June.

Is now a good time to plant native plants?

In general, the best time to plant natives is late summer through early winter, or in early spring. This gives the plants time during the rainy season to get established before the summer drought. That said, anytime of year is fine for trees and shrubs and many other herbaceous plants.. In winter it’s important to avoid planting during times of extended frosts. Planting during summer should be done during the coolest parts of the day, with plenty of water at the time of planting and regular watering until the rainy season is well underway. 

Is now a good time to plant blueberries (or other shrubs)?

Winter hardy shrubs, including blueberries can be planted any time of the year. It’s best to avoid planting during a period of extended frosts. It’s also important to remember that new plantings might need water even during the rainy season. Wind can dry out the ground quickly during periods of dry weather.

Is your inventory on your website?

Our inventory of plants is changing on a daily basis so we don’t have it listed on our website. We’re always happy to chat by phone or email to let you know if we have what you’re looking for. We can also take orders over email for curbside pick up.

Do you sell apple and cherry trees?

Figs, plums, yuzu, and olives are the only fruiting trees we currently carry. We’ve found that apples and cherries are quite a lot of work in our climate. Keeping them safe from pests and diseases can be costly and energy intensive. We’re very space limited so we focus on trees, berries, and other plants that most people are likely to be successful with. There are great nurseries nearby that have large selections of other fruit trees so we encourage you to visit them!

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