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Indoor Gardening

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Indoor plants add peace and calm to any space. Our selection of tropicals, cacti, succulents, and air plants offer something for everyone, regardless of experience. We can help you select plants suitable for the amount of light you have and send you along feeling confident in how to care for them.


We carry a large variety of planters and hangers. Our planters come in a range of sizes and materials vary from ceramic, terra cotta, EcoForms- rice hulls, and plastic. We value supporting and carrying planters by local ceramacists.

Indoor Plant Tools and Supplies

We also have terrariums and everything you need to DIY your own creation. Including glassware, cactus and succulent soil, a variety of moss, horticultural sand, charcoal and colored rocks. When looking to put a new plant in a planter or “pot up” your plant into a bigger planter we have standard potting soil, orchid bark and cactus and succulent soils to ensure that your indoor garden will thrive. If you need plant maintenance we have moss poles, fertilizer and hand tools to keep your plants healthy and happy.

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