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Tea & Botanicals

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One of the great joys we get from our garden is harvesting leaf, flower, fruit, stem, and root to make our own herbal tea. We make it with fresh plant material spring through fall, and dry extra to last through the winter. In the spirit of utilizing the generous health benefits of our plant friends, Livingscape offers herbal tea blends from Anam Cara and Aesthete Tea – BIPOC owned. We also carry a selection of green, black, and oolong teas from Mountain Rose Herbs, and pots, infusers, and tea cups.

Candles and Scents

We carry candles from Apogee Candle Company- POC owned and local candle company, Yo Soy Candle. Scents are by Anam Cara Herbal Holistics and Apogee Candle Company provides hand-poured, botanical-inspired, soy/coconut wax blend candles. Apogee started with the idea that scent is essential to a self-care ecosystem, and that self-care ecosystems are essential to wellness. Each candle is carefully + slowly crafted with true-to-life scent profiles. while much of the discussion surrounding scent has to do with memory, we are interested in building new narratives rather than linking to the past. Our goal is to bring vibrant new moments into your day to become an essential part of your self-care rituals.

Yo Soy Candle is a handmade affirmation, soy candle + apparel company located in Portland, Oregon. Each beautifully scented candle is paired with its own I AM statement so that you can practice consciously choosing words that will create a new and positive mindset. The materials used are earth friendly and produced in the USA.

Zodiac essential oil blends are provided by Anam Cara Herbal Holistics. Anam Cara believes in Mother Earth’s vast garden. Herb, flowers, and combinations of those delights appeal to our spiritual senses and heal our physical bodies. There are 12 amazing blends for each moon sign.

Incense and gift smudge packages are by Sage bundles, and are sustainably sourced from California. Added lavender and fever few dried flowers are added for healing and love by Shawna.

Plants for Medicine and Tea

An enormous number of plants that provide us with medicinal benefits are very much at home growing in PNW gardens. Many of our native plants hold medicine that can be accessed through tea and tinctures. We also carry a huge variety of traditional western and Chinese medicinal herbs, many of which can be used to make tasty herbal teas fresh from the garden.

We can help you select the best plants for your garden and give guidance on making teas and tinctures.


Preserving the bounty of the garden for use during fall and winter is endlessly satisfying. We carry canning pots, jars and lids, and accessories to help you enjoy your yields throughout the year.

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